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for cimbel and string orchestra
in order of Orchestra Of Colours

performed by Orchestra of Colours,
American-Hellenic Union,
conductor: Miltos Logiadis,
soloist: Angelina Tkatseva (2001),

several performences in Greece,
Rome  (2009)

performed also by Orchestra of Patra,
conductor: Saulius Sondeckis
Municipal Theater of Patras, Greece (2001)

performed also by the State Chamber Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus', 
conductor: Eugene Bushkov
Minsk Philarmonia Music Hall (Oct. 27, 2012)

by the Greek Radio-Television National Symphonic Orchestra, celebretion of 100 years from the union of Crete with Grece, Saint Markus Herakleion, Crete, conductor: Miltos Logiadis, April 19, 2013.

by the Norisk Music Academy Orchestra, (Siberia, Russia) December 5, 2013.