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(kalanda dodekaimerou)
a collection of 12 greek  folk carols

Folk Music Band of Municipal Concervatory of Piraeus
artistic director George Hatzimichelakis

cassette by Municipal Concervatory of Piraeus

1. Christmas Carols of the Byzantine Era
singer: Theodora Varsou

 2. Christmas Carols from Asia Minor
singer: Ioannis Arvanitis

 3. Christmas Carols  from Thrace

 4. Christmas Carols from Peloponnesus

 5. Carols for the New Year of the Byzantine Era
singers: George Hatzimichelakis & Ioannis Arvanitis

 6. Carols for the New Year from Rhodos Island
singer: Katia Papadopoulou

 7. Carols for the New Year from Crete Island

 8. Carols for the New Year from Icaria Island

 9. Carols for the New Year from Makedonia

10. Carols for |Epipahny's Day from Patmos Island

musicians (also singers):
Zacharias Spyridakis: cretian lyra
Sylvia Koutrouli: ney
Pericles Papapetropoulos: saz, violin
Vassilis Baraboutis: saz
Ioannis Arvanitis: tanbur
Costas Grambas: yali tanbur
Katia Papadopoulou: lafta
Carolos Kouklakis: cretian lute
Stelios Katsianis: lute
George Hatzimichelakis: oud
Theodora Varsou: toy percussion
Vagelis Karipis: percussion